About Me

Sudhir Shivaram is a renowned wildlife photographer in India. He is deeply committed to the cause of wildlife conservation and follows ethical practices while photographing his subjects in the wild. He believes that wildlife photography is not underscored by photographic hardware and skills alone. A deep understanding of and concern for the wild environment ought to be an integral part of a good nature photographer's 'eye' in order to be able to convey the spirit behind a picture.

This green evangelist campaigns for wildlife protection around the world and gives freely of his time and images to raise awareness about nature and wildlife. He also talks about his work and the state of wildlife to young people across the counrty hoping to inspire and win their commitment to this cause so dear to him. 

Sudhir is a Canon contractor photographer and is part of the Canon Professional Photographers Panel aimed at providing value added services for the Canon EOS Customer Loyalty Program, named the “Canon Edge Program”. It is a platform where he interacts with Canon EOS customers, amateurs, serious amateurs and professionals to open up the Canon world to them.